At Alden Electrical Ltd we fully understand and are aware of the demands that businesses face with staying compliant with workplace conditions. Failure to implement regular electrical inspections and testing can lead to serious consequences and affects your insurance policies.

For that reason we provide electrical testing services that offer a simple and cost-effective solution. Our NIC 2392 qualified inspectors will do a full inspection of the household or business premises to ensure that it is safe and recommend solutions for improvements.

All electrical systems deteriorate with age and use so it is important that they are maintained regularly to prevent any risk for people within the premises. Our inspectors carry out comprehensive periodic inspections to ensure your premises and appliances are fully compliant at all times.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report *insert hyperlink to EICR page* should be tested at a maximum period of every:

  • 10 years or change of occupancy for households, domestic dwellings.
  • 5 years for commercial sectors (offices, shops, hospitals, schools)
  • 3 years for industrial sectors
  • 1 year for any special locations such as swimming pools, petrol stations, medical locations.

Keeping on top of your electrical systems and ensuring that they are maintained reduces the chances of operational downtime. We can spot potential problems in advance and advise on solutions to help your business.

No matter the size of the estate, Alden Electrical Ltd can tailor the electrical testing services to fit with your unique needs. Call us today on 01858 431 771 to arrange an electrical inspection.