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CCTV in Market Harborough

Are you looking for a way of deterring thieves or protecting your home or business? For peace of mind – and evidence should anything go wrong – Alden Electrical Ltd provide home and business owners in the Market Harborough area with CCTV systems.

The simple presence of a CCTV camera system has been proven to reduce the chances of criminal activity. If you own a shop, or any business premises, camera equipment is a must to keep your area secure and reduce the likelihood of illegal activities and vandalism taking place. And should anything still happen, you will have evidence should it be needed in a criminal prosecution.

CCTV in your home

We can also install CCTV in the home. The price of a system has significantly reduced over the years since they were first available commercially, making it an affordable investment now for many home owners. The reasons for installation are the same as for commercial use and can be particularly necessary when living in a neighbourhood known for recurrent theft. Fitting a system in the household can also cut your insurance premiums.

From large scale commercial surveillance to a simple security camera outside a domestic property, our extensive range of equipment, combined with our skills and experience, ensures a reliable and efficient installation.

For help in making your home or business more secure with a CCTV installation in the Market Harborough area, call Alden Electrical Ltd today on 01858 431 771.


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